More than 30 years ago, with encouragement from our parents, my sister and I started learning Bhajans from our paternal uncle, Mr. M.O.Srinivasan, an avid singer from Madras. As our small group expanded, he named it Dasanjali. Over the years, he had taught these Bhajans (including simple songs, mostly sung in Hindusthani style) to countless students, many of whom have become professional singers who travel the world every year. MOS, as he was affectionately known as in the music and cricketing circles of India passed away on June 14, 2004 at his home in Chennai.

This is my humble attempt at publicizing some of the songs I learnt from him and from a few other teachers over the past few years. Here are some of my goals:

Continue the good work of Dasanjali started by our uncle.

Enable community singers across the world to sing and teach these easy Bhajans to others.

Encourage volunteerism: If you can type the lyrics of a song in English and sing it into a computer file (preferably in RealAudio format), please email us both with your name - we would love to post them on our site.

This page was started during the Navaratri season of 1998, on Saraswathi Pooja day, with a song on Goddess Saraswathi. I am very grateful to everyone who helped me in this project in various ways - offering web suggestions, lyrics, etc.

Partha Mandayam

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